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Product Information
The purpose of the FPC web site is to provide information on the products we distribute. Much of this information is available in the different areas and pages of our site.

General Information

Glazes & Application
Glaze Use: Amaco-LG

Glaze Use: Amaco-LT

Glaze Use: Amaco-LM

Glaze Use: Amaco-O
Glaze Use: Amaco-Sunstroke

Glaze Use: Amaco-Velvet

Glaze Use: Spectrum

Glaze Use: Coyote

Glaze Safety Key

Glaze Faults and Remedies

Raw Materials
Clay:General Information and bisque schedule
Clay Faults and Suggested Remedies

Raw Materials
Information on Mixing Plaster
Information on using ceramic stains
Information on mixing glazes
Raw Material Descriptions

Kiln and Firing Information
Information on Cones
Information on Kiln Sitters
Choosing a Kiln
Nichrome And Kanthal Wire

Maintaining your kiln
Bisque Schedules
Reduction Kilns

Other Information
Choosing a potter's wheel

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