Over 1500 quality clay and ceramic products for hobbyists, teachers, and potters.


Fort Pottery Co. was established by potter Brian Fort in 1993 while in college pursuing a bachelors of fine art.

FPC primarily focused, at that time, on the production of one of a kind raku pottery vessels. After approximately 5 years, a new direction was explored for additional growth and diversity of the company.

By the summer of 1999, many ideas and new concepts to the clay trade started taking shape. By late fall , the company began distributing moist clays and pottery supplies.


Today, FPC delivers these same high quality products across Georgia and South Carolina extending into areas 200+ miles from Augusta.

Working from customer feedback, plans for expansion are being considered.

Fort Pottery Company remains focused on providing the best products and services potters have grown to appreciate.


Handled Vessel
Brian Fort, 2002



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